Bulk Actions in Pipeline Objects

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

You can select multiple objects in the Objects list to apply a bulk action to them.

bulk actions

Using bulk actions, you can:

  • PAUSE and RESUME objects.

  • INCLUDE and SKIP objects. When you include an object, you also need to provide the query mode that Hevo must use to ingest data from it.

    Note: Events ingested from an object before it is skipped are loaded to the Destination.

  • Run Now: Initiate ingestion for the selected objects outside of the defined ingestion schedule.

  • Restart: Re-ingest the data for the objects. The re-ingested historical data is not billed.

  • Replay Failed Events: Queue the previously failed Events for re-ingestion. For example, you may resolve the failures and attempt ingestion of those Events again.

  • Skip Failed Events: Skip the failed Events.

  • Update Query Mode: Modify the query mode of objects in an RDBMS Source Pipeline.

As an example, the following steps describe the steps to update the query mode for multiple objects at once.

Note: This method works only for the Pipelines having a relational database, such as Amazon Redshift, SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL as the Source.

Performing a Bulk Update of the Query Mode

To update the query mode for multiple objects at once:

  1. In the Pipeline List View, click on the Pipeline you want to modify, to open it in the Pipeline Overview page.

  2. In the Objects list, select each object whose query mode you want to edit, or select the Objects check box to edit the query mode for all the objects.

    Select multiple objects

  3. Click the MORE drop-down and select Update Query Mode.

    update query mode option for multiple objects

  4. Update the query mode for each selected object and click SAVE CHANGES. You can also update only some of the objects at this time.

    save bulk changes

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