LinkedIn Ads

Last updated on May 30, 2023

LinkedIn Ads enable you to display sponsored content in the LinkedIn feed of professionals you want to reach, by way of single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. With LinkedIn Ads, you can target your most valuable audiences using accurate, profile-based first-party data.

You can use Hevo Pipelines to replicate your LinkedIn reports to the desired Destination database or data warehouses for scalable analysis.

For creating Pipelines using this Source, Hevo provides you a fully managed BigQuery data warehouse as a possible Destination. This option remains available till the time you set up your first BigQuery Destination irrespective of any other Destinations that you may have. With the managed warehouse, you are only charged the cost that Hevo incurs for your project in Google BigQuery. The invoice is generated at the end of each month and payment is recovered as per the payment instrument you have set up. You can now create your Pipeline and directly start analyzing your Source data. Read Hevo Managed Google BigQuery.


  • All available data will fetch data up to 6 months for Ad Analytics by Campaign and Ad Analytics by Creative and up to one year for Page statistics, Follower statistics and View statistics due to limits enforced by LinkedIn.

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