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Last updated on May 30, 2023
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Welcome to Hevo, the easiest and the fastest ELT on cloud! Hevo provides you a consistent and user-friendly interface for conveniently accessing all the features and performing the required tasks.

Use Hevo Pipelines to ingest data from a variety of applications and systems into a database or data warehouse in near-real time. Use the various options Hevo provides to fine tune the data replication process and organize the data for analysis post-replication. You can also create Activations to perform a reverse ETL and collate the Destination data to a Target application in an analysis-ready form.

To get started, you essentially need:

  • An active Hevo account. You can start with a 14-day full feature, free trial account or select from the available plans.

  • For Pipelines:

    • A Source application or database where your data resides.

    • A database or data warehouse Destination to which the data must be replicated.

    • Access for Hevo to connect with the Source and the Destination systems.

  • For Activate:

    • A Warehouse where your data resides. This can also be the Destination warehouse that holds the data from your various Hevo Pipelines.

    • A Target application to which the data must be replicated. For example, HubSpot, Google Sheets, or Salesforce.

    • Access for Hevo to connect to the Warehouse and Target systems.

Browse through the contents of this site to familiarize yourself with the Hevo product and these important functionalities encapsulated within it.

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