Release Version 1.38 (Jan-2020)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023
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Data Sources

  • Added support for Google Cloud Storage as a data source. [Learn more about GCS Connector here]

  • Google Ads integration has been redesigned. We now support multiple accounts under a single Pipeline. [Learn more about Google Ads Connector here]


  • Added new UI modal to show expanded view of input and output sample data in Transformations.

  • Enhanced Load Status tab to show number-of-pending-events to indicate number of events which have been read from the source but haven’t been applied to the destination.

  • Modifications to Add Destination flow to make it multistep process similar to Add Source flow.

  • Activity Log enhancements

    • Enhanced Model Activity Logs to show model run information (status information and failure details, if any).

    • Enhanced Pipeline Activity Logs to show

      • Pipeline state (paused, resumed, restarted) changes

      • Pipeline source or destination settings changes

      • Pipeline position/order changes

      • Pipeline priority changes.

  • Added Usage Summary tab in Billing section to show break down of total events ingested by pipeline. Customers will now have easy access to both historical and current month capacity utilisation through this tab.

  • Bug-fix for bad user experience due to auto reset of source schema explorer in Edit Model view.


  • Daily Usage Summary report will now only provide summarised capacity utilisation. Users will be redirected to Usage Summary tab in case they want to view details. [Learn more about Pipeline Usage Summary report here]


  • Automated the account deletion process if requested by customer or on expiry of subscription. Automated account deletion ensures that Hevo’s systems do not keep any customer (or customer’s systems) information beyond the time it is necessary.

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