Pipeline Usage Summary

Pipeline usage summary gives you an understanding of how each Pipeline contributes to your overall capacity usage. The report shows usage data for the current and last five billing cycles.

Usage data for deleted Pipelines is also included in this report if those Pipelines had loaded some data in the current or any of the last five billing cycles.

Report Location

You can access the Pipeline usage summary report by navigating to the Billing section on your Settings page.

Report Fields

  • Pipeline id
  • Source name
  • Source type
  • Destination name
  • Destination type
  • Number of events loaded in following intervals
    • Yesterday
    • Month-to-date
    • Last 5 monthly billing cycles

Report Sorting Order

Pipelines list is sorted based on the descending order of usage in the current billing period (month-to-date).

Report Export Options

For more precise usage details, you can download the Pipeline Usage Summary report as a CSV file by clicking on the Download button at the top right corner. The CSV file contains a list of all the Pipelines with the name and type of its Source and Destination along with the number of Events loaded by each of them during current and previous billing periods.

Is Active field in the CSV report indicates a Pipeline that is not deleted and has some usage in the current billing period. Active Pipelines are expected to consume additional capacity in the current billing cycle.

Last updated on 03 Feb 2021