Release Version 1.96

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • GCP as Cloud Provider for Hevo US

    • Hevo is now available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to allow users to choose GCP as their cloud provider for replication and processing data. This feature has currently been implemented for the US (N. Virginia ) region. It is expected to benefit customers who were/are using GCP-native Sources and or Destinations such as Google BigQuery and MySQL and Snowflake on GCP, with the exception of the Databricks Destination. Key benefits for such customers include:

      • Reduced latency as computing also takes place in GCP.

      • Reduced cost as no more cross-cloud data transfer will be needed.

      Existing customers who want to move the Pipelines to GCP can reach out to Hevo Support to request account creation on GCP, and then re-create their Pipelines in the US-GCP region.


  • Draft Pipelines

    • In a major step to allow users to configure the Hevo Pipelines according to their convenience and improve collaboration, provided an option for saving incomplete Pipelines in Draft status. This ensures that users do not lose their work if they exit the Hevo half-way through Pipeline creation. It also makes it easier for team members to collaborate and help with the Pipeline configuration. Users or their team member(s) can continue the Pipeline creation from where they left off. At that time, they are redirected to the Source configuration page to reauthorize or re-renter the API key as it may have expired.

      Hevo also saves the Destination in Draft status if they have entered at least some of its configuration settings. However, it would not be visible in the Destinations List View and must be configured as part of the draft Pipeline only.

      Draft Pipeline List View

      Read Draft Pipelines.


  • Azure Blob Storage as a Source

    • Provided integration with Azure Blob Storage as a Source for creating Pipelines.

      Azure Blob Storage as a Source

      Read Azure Blob Storage.

User Experience

  • Easier Object Selection for Stripe

    • Enhanced the UI of the Select the Objects you want to replicate and Pipeline Overview page for the Stripe Source, to highlight the objects for which the Stripe API key does not have permissions for ingesting data. Hevo now displays a warning icon along with the permission required to access the object.

      Stripe objects selection

      Read Object Selection.

  • Re-categorization of Source Integrations

    • The Source integrations have been re-categorized in the Hevo website based on either the business purpose they serve or the way they are implemented or used. Sources that serve multiple business purposes are present in more than one category. Accordingly, the Hevo Sources documentation pages have also been reorganized.

      Read Types of Sources for the new Source classifications.

    Note: Refresh your bookmarks to access the latest documentation.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Support for RedoLog Ingestion mode for Oracle Database 19c and higher

    • Enhanced the Oracle integration to support the RedoLog Ingestion Mode using LogMiner for Oracle Database 19c and higher. This change applies to all Pipelines created after Release 1.96.

Documentation Updates

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Account Management


Getting Started




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