Types of Sources

On the basis of implementation, Hevo supports three broad categories of Sources:

  • SaaS Sources
  • Database Sources
  • Webhook Sources

SaaS Sources

The SaaS Sources that Hevo integrates with are classified based on the business purpose they serve or the way they are implemented or used. For example, Mixpanel and Stripe are both SaaS Sources but they can also be categorised as Analytics and Payments Sources, respectively. The different Source categories are:

  • Analytics - This category includes Sources that measure digital content performance and convert business data into reports and dashboards, which are used to optimize websites and mobile applications. For example, Clevertap, Google Play, and Amplitude Analytics.

  • Cloud Applications - This category includes Sources that have a client-server setup and data is hosted remotely in the cloud. For example, Asana, GitHub, Jira, and Pardot.

  • File Storage - File-based Sources store data in files organized in folders, which are arranged in a hierarchy of directories and sub-directories on a hard drive or a network storage device. For example, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

  • Marketing & Email - These are mostly ad-based Sources and provide conversion data for generating business and user behavior insights. For example Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, and Criteo.

  • Payments - These Sources are used to export payment-related data such as amount, dates, and payment status. It also includes data on the account and payment methods associated with the payment. Stripe and Xero are the Payment Sources currently supported by Hevo.

  • Sdk & Streaming - SDK & Streaming Sources are software-building tools for specific platforms. For example, Webhook, Segment, and Kafka. They include the building blocks of a software, debugs, frameworks, and groups of libraries related to an operating system.

Database Sources

Hevo supports all the popular database Sources, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle. Both generic implementations and other variants such as Google Cloud or Amazon RDS-hosted instance are supported.

Webhook Sources

Hevo supports webhook-based ingestion for all the Sources that offer webhook connectivity. For example, you can connect to your Shopify App or directly fetch data via the Shopify webhook. The webhook variant is listed alongside the respective SaaS Source document in this documentation site. Webhooks triggers the movement of data from the Source to Hevo for loading as soon as it is generated.

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