Last updated on Mar 21, 2022

A Pipeline moves your data from a Source system to a Destination database or data warehouse. It has the following components:

  • Source: A Source can be a database, a SaaS-based application (an API endpoint) or a file storage which has the data that you want to analyze. Hevo integrates with a variety of Sources. Read Sources.

  • Transformations: Transformations are useful when you want to clean, enrich, or transform your data before loading it to your Destination. Read Transformations.

  • Schema Mapper: Schema Mapper helps you map your Source schemas to tables in your Destination. Read Schema Mapper.

  • Destination: Destination is a data warehouse or database where the data fetched from a Source is loaded. Read Destinations.

You can connect only one Source and Destination in a Pipeline. However, multiple Pipelines may load to the same Destination.

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