What is a Pipeline?

A Pipeline moves your data from a Source to a Destination.

Pipeline Components

A Pipeline has the following components:

  • Source: A Source is a database, an API endpoint or a File Storage which has the data that you want to analyze. Hevo integrates with a variety of Sources. Complete documentation on using various Sources can be found here.
  • Transformations: Transformations are used when you want to clean, enrich or transform your data before loading it to your Destination. Check out Transformations to know more.
  • Schema Mapper: Schema Mapper lets you map you source schemas to tables in your Destination warehouse. Check out Schema Mapper to know more.
  • Destination: Destination is a data warehouse or database where the data collected from Sources is stored. Various Destination supported by Hevo is listed here.
Last updated on 19 May 2021