Schema Mapper

Last updated on Nov 03, 2022

Hevo ingests your data from Sources, applies transformations on it, and brings it to Schema Mapper. In Schema Mapper you can define how your data must be stored in the Destination.

You can use Schema Mapper to do the following:

  • Map an incoming Event Type to a Destination table: All the data for that Event Type is stored in the mapped Destination Table.

  • Omit unwanted fields from being stored in the Destination table: This is especially useful to hide sensitive information, such as, your user’s personal details and financial information. You can also omit large text fields like descriptions, summaries, and comments.

  • Flatten nested objects into a de-normalized Destination table: Schema Mapper automatically suggests a de-normalized, flat structure for your incoming nested objects.

  • Compress long names of Events and Event Types: Schema Mapper does this automatically to meaningfully modify the names to fit the character limit set for table and column names in the Destination.

In addition, Schema Mapper provides you the Auto Mapping feature, which:

  • Automatically creates and manages all the mappings for you.

  • Creates tables with compatible and optimal data types in your Destination warehouse, if none exist.

  • Marks incompatible incoming Events as Failed for investigation.

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