How can I change or delete the Destination table prefix after creating a Pipeline?

Last updated on Jun 20, 2023

You cannot change the Destination table prefix after creating the Pipeline. You can create another Pipeline with a new prefix and delete the previous Pipeline.

Alternatively, you can re-assign specific objects to new Destination tables and give the desired name, with or without any prefix, using Schema Mapper. To do this:

  1. Disable the Auto Mapping for the specific Object from the Mapping Summary page.

  2. Use the Create Table & Map option to create the new Destination table.

  3. Specify the table name with the desired prefix in the Table Name field, and click CREATE TABLE & MAP.

The Object gets mapped to the new Destination table, and the data gets replicated into this table as per the Pipeline schedule.

Specify Destination Table name

For more information, read Mapping an Event Type to a New Destination Table.

Note: You can ingest the historical data into the new Destination table by using the Restart Historical Load for the Object from the Pipeline Detailed View.

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