Snowflake account disabled

Last updated on Oct 26, 2022
Error Code 1017
Applies To Snowflake
Category Communication
Error Message Text(s) Hevo is unable to connect to your Destination. Please validate that your Snowflake account is not locked and Hevo’s IP addresses are whitelisted in Snowflake. Hevo will retry after some time.

Potential Causes

  • The Snowflake account is disabled.

  • Hevo’s IP addresses are not whitelisted.

Suggested Action(s)

  • Verify that the Snowflake account is active, and billing is enabled.

  • Verify that Hevo’s IP addresses for your region are whitelisted in Snowflake. Perform the following steps to whitelist Hevo’s IP addresses:

    1. Log in to your Snowflake instance.

    2. Click Admin, click Security, and then click Network Policies.

    3. Click New Network Policy, and specify the following settings:

      New Network Policy

      • Policy Name: A unique policy name of your choice. Read Identifier Requirements to know the constraints for a policy name in Snowflake.

      • Allowed IP Addresses: The comma-separated IP addresses of your Hevo region. Hevo provides support for the following regions:

        • Asia region IP address: ,

        • Australia region IP address:,

        • EU region IP address:,

        • Indian region IP address:

        • US region IP address:,

        • US2 region IP address:,

    4. Click Create Network Policy.

    5. Click Activate Policy.

      Activate Policy

      The Hevo IP addresses are successfully whitelisted.

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