Snowflake offers a cloud-based data storage and analytics service, generally termed as data warehouse-as-a-service. Companies can use it to store and analyze data using cloud-based hardware and software.

In Snowflake, you can create both data warehouses and databases to store your data. Each data warehouse can further have one or more databases, although this is not mandatory. Snowflake provides you one data warehouse automatically when you create an account.

For Hevo to access your data, you must assign the required permissions. Snowflake uses Roles to assign permissions to users. You need ACCOUNTADMIN, SECURITYADMIN or SYSADMIN privileges to create the required roles for Hevo. Read more about Roles in Snowflake.

The data from your Pipeline is staged in Hevo’s S3 bucket before being finally loaded to your Snowflake warehouse.

Handling Source Data with Different Data Types

For teams created in or after Hevo Release 1.58, Hevo automatically modifies the data type of a Snowflake table column to accommodate Source data with a different data type. Data type promotion is performed on tables that are less than 50GB in size. Read Handling Different Data Types in Source Data.

Note: Your Hevo release version is mentioned at the bottom of the Asset Palette.


  • Hevo replicates a maximum of 4096 columns to each Snowflake table, of which six are Hevo-reserved metadata columns used during data replication. Therefore, your Pipeline can replicate up to 4090 (4096-6) columns for each table. Read Limits on the Number of Columns.

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