Viewing Events Usage

Last updated on Sep 29, 2023

The total Events available to you are the sum of the Events quota in your plan and any On-Demand Credits that you may have set.

As a user on a Hevo plan, you can view your team-level and also Pipeline-level Events usage. If you are a trial user, all Events consumed during the trial period are free. However, you can review the number of Pipelines you have created along with the Pipeline-level Events usage to make an informed decision about the plan most suitable for your requirements.

Team-level Event Usage

If you have subscribed to any Hevo plan, you can view your monthly Events quota in the Plan Details page. The quota can be used towards all the Pipelines created by your team.

Team-level Event usage

You can view the total number of Events that you or your team have consumed in the current billing cycle via the graph in the Plan Details page.

Pipeline-level Event Usage

You can view the Pipeline-level Event usage in two ways:

  • From the Usage Summary page. This page displays the number of billable Events loaded for each Pipeline and the summary count of the Events consumed on the previous day and for each billing cycle. Click DOWNLOAD to download the entire usage summary in CSV format.

    Pipeline-level Event usage

    Read Pipeline Usage Summary.

    Note: Customers signing up after Oct 31, 2022 can also view the billable Events loaded for each Pipeline across all regions, and click the Filter ( Filter icon ) icon to view the usage summary for a specific region.

  • From the Pipeline Overview page. Hover on each bar of the graph to view the billable and historical Events loaded in the respective run of the Pipeline, and on the total count to view the total number of Events loaded for the selected Pipeline Activity period.

    Billable Events count

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