Release Version 1.77 (Dec-06-2021)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Account Reauthorization for Targets and Warehouses

    • Enhanced the Activate user interface to allow users to reauthorize their connected or configured Target and Warehouse accounts while creating or modifying an Activation.

      Read Reauthorizing an OAuth Account.


  • Data Ingestion from Google Shared Drives

    • Enhanced the Google Drive integration to support data ingestion from shared Drives. This allows the data to be maintained on the organization’s drives rather than employees’ personal drive folders.

      Read Google Drive.

  • Data Refresh for Google Sheets

    • Enhanced the data replication by providing an option to refresh the replicated data if no change is detected for 24 hours after the last ingestion. This ensures that all updates made in the spreadsheets in the past 24 hours are synchronized with the Destination and is especially useful if your Google Sheets import data from other worksheets. All Events ingested during data refresh count towards your Events quota.

      Refresh Daily

      Read Data Replication.

User Experience

  • Troubleshooting Guides for Oracle Sources

    • Provided troubleshooting assistance for the typical errors faced post-configuration of the Oracle SQL Sources in Pipelines.

      Read Troubleshooting Oracle.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Data Type Compatibility in Log-based Pipelines for MySQL and PostgreSQL Sources

    • Fixed the data type incompatibility errors in the historical load ingestion for log-based Pipelines whereby the __hevo_schema_name in PostgreSQL Sources and __hevo_database_name in MySQL Sources was not being appended to the primary key value when the Merge Tables option was enabled and the JSON parsing strategy was set to Flatten structs and split arrays to new Events.
  • Auto-promotion of Unsigned Data Type in MySQL Sources

    • Enhanced the MySQL integration to allow the conversion of unsigned int data type to the next broader signed int type when loading data to the Destination. This is done to prevent the loss of user data.

      Read Handling the Unsigned Data Type.

  • Documentation Support for Manually Dropping Replication Slots in PostgreSQL

    • Fixed the documentation link in the email sent to users for manually dropping the replication slot in some deleted Pipelines with PostgreSQL as the Source.

      Read PostgreSQL.

  • Enum Data Type in Log-based Pipelines for MySQL Sources

    • Enhanced the MySQL integration to extend support for the enum data type values when ingesting incremental data to log-based Pipelines. This aspect is handled automatically for the historical load, as the data is queried directly from the database.

Documentation Updates

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