Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

Productboard is a cloud-based product management platform that allows product teams in an organization to efficiently build and manage their products. It allows you to gather customer feedback and requirements, prioritize features, build roadmaps, define timelines for these features, and engage customers by informing them about these product enhancements on your public portal.

You can replicate the data from your Productboard account to a Destination database or data warehouse using Hevo Pipelines. Productboard uses an access token to identify Hevo and authorize the request for accessing account data. Hevo ingests the data in Full Load mode. Refer to section, Data Model for the list of supported objects.

Source Considerations

  • Pagination: Each API response for a Productboard object fetches one page with up to 100 records.

  • Rate Limit: Productboard imposes a limit of 50 API calls per minute per access token. If the limit is exceeded, Hevo defers the ingestion till the limits reset. Read Rate Limiting to configure a suitable ingestion frequency for your Pipeline.

  • The access token is available only on PRO and higher plans. Therefore, you must be subscribed to one of these plans to be able to ingest data from your Productboard account.


  • Hevo currently does not support deletes. Therefore, any data deleted in the Source may continue to exist in the Destination.

  • You cannot specify a duration for loading the historical data. Hevo loads the entire data present in your Productboard account.

  • Due to schema limitations, Hevo does not support the Custom Field Values and Feature Release Assignments objects.

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