Limitations of using MySQL as a Destination

Last updated on May 30, 2023
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MySQL is not preferred as a Destination for building production Pipelines as it suffers from limitations, some of which include:

  • Issues in handling large query traffic for analytical workloads: MySQL is not designed for handling large number of queries and multiple transactions concurrently. This may lead to frequent performance issues and cause delays in loading the data to the Destination database. To overcome this issue, you often have to resort to sharding, a type of database partitioning that divides large databases into more manageable, quicker, and smaller pieces. However, sharding is complicated and can introduce bugs into your application.

  • Slow handling of high frequency of inserts in the database: High volume of inserts can cause a MySQL database to slow down, which can prevent applications from getting the latest data from the database in a timely manner. You need to constantly monitor the usage of the database and scale up the compute and storage resources as needed.

  • Need for regular and frequent maintenance: You need a deep understanding of the structure of your database, so that you can implement query optimization to manage performance concerns. This requires periodic reviews of the usage.

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