Log-based Pipelines

Last updated on Mar 03, 2024

A log-based Pipeline moves data from a Source to a Destination by trimming through logs which consist of Events describing changes made to a database, wherein data is ingested at a fixed interval.

These logs are generally maintained for replication or recovery of data.

You must select the appropriate Pipeline mode depending on the Source type to create a log-based Pipeline:

  • A MySQL Source configured using the BinLog ingestion mode.

  • A PostgreSQL Source configured using the Logical replication ingestion mode.

  • An Amazon DynamoDB Source using Streams.

  • A MongoDB Source configured using either the Change Stream or OpLog ingestion mode.

  • An SQL Server with individual objects configured with Change Tracking as the query mode, the ingestion mode, or both.

  • An Oracle Source configured using the Redo Logs ingestion mode.

From Release 2.21 onwards, new and existing teams can create a streaming Pipeline for the Source types (all variants) listed above, except SQL Server (all variants) and Amazon DynamoDB. To access this feature, contact the Hevo Sales team.

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