YouTube Analytics

Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

YouTube Analytics provides you reports that help you understand channel performance, expenses, and user base of your videos to help you boost and manage your views. You can also generate reports around the monetary spends and ad performance.

The reports are generated using YouTube’s Bulk API and are classified as Channel Reports, as these provide details of statistics and trends of a particular YouTube channel.



How can I become a Content Manager?

Read How to become a Content Manager?

How can I see the monetary reports?

Check if you have Content Owner/Content Manager access. If not, ask your Youtube Content owner to grant you Content Owner or Content Manager access.

If you are a Content Manager, by default you should have access to Monetary reports. If you do not have it, ask your Content Owner/Content Manager to provide Read access for these reports.

For which dates can I generate reports?

The reports generated today will have data for dates up to two days prior, as defined by YouTube.

If you find that the latest date in your reports table is not 2 days before today, then it may be the case that there is no data for that particular date. In case there is no data in the report type for a given day, Youtube generates an empty report. In such cases, Hevo does not load any data into the Destination.

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