Firebase Analytics

Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

Firebase Analytics is a tool that helps developers track how their Android and iOS users are engaging with their application. Firebase is Google’s mobile-based application development platform that helps to develop, improve and grow mobile applications by providing features such as performance monitoring and app-testing infrastructure. It is part of Google’s mobile application development platform, Firebase, which offers features such as performance monitoring and app-testing infrastructure to aid in the development, improvement, and growth of mobile applications.

Hevo allows enables you to generate analytical reports based on the data stored in the Google Analytics 4 (GA 4) property, which is connected to the Firebase Software Development Kit (SDK). These reports are made up of:

  • Metrics: These are statistical parameters that you measure for websites and mobile applications.

  • Dimensions: These are attributes in a report for which you want to see the statistics.

For example, the following report table that shows one dimension (Date) and one metric (New Users).

Metrics and Dimensions

Optionally, you can create pivot reports that are generated by applying an aggregation on top of selected dimensions and metrics in the parent report.

Note: You can create only one pivot report per parent report.

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