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Last updated on Feb 12, 2024

When you sign-up via the Hevo website, you begin your journey with Hevo with a 14-day free trial account or directly opt for a paid subscription plan. If you buy a subscription plan during your trial period, it becomes effective from the day your Trial ends. Hevo offers you both Monthly and Yearly billing options for the plans.

You can load data to multiple Destinations with a single Hevo subscription plan. Also, you do not require separate subscriptions for your production and development environments. You can create Pipelines and Models for both within the same Hevo account.

Sources and Models are offered free of cost in all paid plans. Users on the Free plan have access to Free Sources. Refer to the table below for details about the Events quota and other features available in the plans offered via the Hevo website.

Plan Plan Includes Included Events (per month) Live Chat Support
Free - Unlimited Free Sources
- Unlimited Models
1 Million (fixed) No
Starter - Unlimited Free and Paid Sources
- Unlimited Models
Up to 50 Million Yes
Professional - Unlimited Free and Paid Sources
- Unlimited Models
Up to 100 Million Yes
Business - Unlimited Free and Paid Sources
- Unlimited Models
Custom Yes

Read more about pricing plans on the Hevo website.

Hevo also provides you Event buffers in case your Events quota and On-Demand Credit you may have purchased are exhausted, to allow your Pipelines to run without disruption and provide you time to arrange additional Events. Read Time-based Events Buffer.

You can increase the Events available to you by upgrading your Pricing Plans. Your Pipeline is not paused in case you exceed your Events quota. However, if you do not supplement your Events quota before the grace period ends, the Pipelines stop loading data and all the subsequent Events are parked in the Replay queue till the Events quota refreshes or is increased.

The following sections provide additional information on these plans:

Pricing plans

Free Plan

The Free plan allows you to create Pipelines with only the free Sources. The number of Events loaded each month to the Destination by these Pipelines cannot exceed the monthly quota of 1 Million Events. If your Events quota gets exhausted, all the subsequent Events in the Pipeline are parked in the Replay queue till the time you upgrade your current pricing plan or a new monthly cycle starts, upon which they are replayed. You must upgrade to a higher plan to use the paid Sources or increase your Events quota. However, once you subscribe to a higher plan, you cannot go back to the Free plan. You need to contact Hevo Support for any exceptions.

Note: The Free plan does not require you to provide any credit/debit card information.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan costs include 5M Events by default. Use the slider to increase this quota based on your expected consumption. The plan cost is adjusted accordingly.

Professional Plan

The Professional plan costs include 20M Events by default. Use the slider to increase this quota based on your expected consumption. The plan cost is adjusted accordingly.

Business Plan

Contact the Hevo Sales team to create a customized Business plan as per your specific requirements.

You can also access the pricing plans via the Hevo website.

Free Trial of Unused Sources

With paid plans, whenever you use a Source for the first time to create a Pipelines, the Events usage for it is free for 14 days. For example, let us assume that you were a trial user and later subscribed to a plan, but did not create any Pipeline with Salesforce during the trial period. Or, that you have been on a paid plan for a year, and are now using Salesforce for the first time to create a Pipeline. In both scenarios, Events usage for your Salesforce Pipelines is free for the next 14 days, irrespective of how many Pipelines you create with this Source. Read Free Trial of Unused Sources to know more.

Users on Legacy Pricing Plans

If you are subscribed to an older pricing plan, you will continue to receive a monthly bill for any overages in the Events processed for that month. If you decide to upgrade to the new pricing plan, your overage subscription will be canceled.

AWS Marketplace-based Contracts

You can subscribe to the following offers on AWS Marketplace:

  • Public offer: This is a pay-as-you-go offer with monthly or yearly billing and flexible renewal options. Consumed Events are invoiced as per your pricing plan at the end of each month. Public contracts are auto-renewed at the end of the contract period. A nominal subscription cost is payable initially to create the contract.

    The following table describes the subscription details of the public offer.

Plan Pricing Model Monthly subscription cost Annual subscription cost
Starter Pay-as-you-go $0.01 $0.01
Business Pay-as-you-go $0.01 $0.01

Note: You are billed for Event consumption. Please see the AWS Offer page for more details.

  • Private offer: This is a personalized Business plan created based on your requirements. It allows you to customize the Events quota, renewal options, and contract period. Event consumption beyond the assigned quota is invoiced at the end of each month as per the additional usage fee.

Metering of additional Events for all plans and offers is done per 1000 Events. For example, if you consume 2500 excess Events, you are charged for three lots of 1000, 1000, and 500 Events. Hevo On-Demand Credit is not available in AWS Marketplace subscriptions.

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