Release Version 2.09

Last updated on Jan 03, 2024

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Azure Synapse Analytics as a Destination

    • Integrated Azure Synapse Analytics as a data warehouse Destination for creating Pipelines. Azure Synapse is a cloud-based analytics service that combines the technologies required for data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics.

      You can configure Hevo to connect your Azure Synapse Analytics data warehouse using a connection string or the individual connection fields.

      Azure Synapse Analytics Destination

      Read Azure Synapse Analytics.


  • Easier Setup for Typeform

    • Enhanced the Typeform configuration UI by automatically ingesting data from all the workspaces in your Typeform account. This is an improvement over the earlier behavior where you had to select the historical sync duration and workspaces for your Typeform Pipeline.

      Read Typeform.

  • Support for Changes Introduced by Google Ads

    • Enhanced the integration to support Google Ads API Version 12 for both new and existing Pipelines. As a part of the API version upgrade, Hevo has:

      • Added support for some metrics in the following reports:
      Report Metric
      Ad group ad_group.excluded_parent_asset_set_types
      Ad Group Ad Asset View ad_group_ad_asset_view.pinned_field
      Bidding Strategy bidding_strategy.aligned_campaign_budget_id
      Campaign Budget campaign_budget.aligned_bidding_strategy_id

      To add these metrics to standard reports in an existing Pipeline, you must restart historical load for the corresponding report. For custom reports, you must create a new Pipeline.

      • Removed support for ingesting historical data for certain Gmail-related metrics in the Ad Group Ad report as Google Ads does not export data for these metrics anymore. All existing Pipelines containing these metrics now load null values for these fields.

      Hevo automatically handles these changes while loading the data to your Destination. Please check for an email from Hevo if you have Pipelines with this Source.

      Read Source Considerations.

User Experience

  • Simplified Webhook Source Authentication

    • Enhanced the Webhook Source configuration user interface by adding a toggle option for enabling or disabling Basic Authentication. This is an improvement over the earlier behavior in which you had to select between the No Authentication and Basic Authentication options. This change is applicable to all new Pipelines.

      Basic Authentication toggle option

      Read Webhook.

  • Simplified Selection of Ingestion Mode for Database Sources

    • Enhanced the Database Source configuration user interface to display the Hevo recommended ingestion mode only. However, you can click SEE MORE to view the list of available ingestion modes to choose from. This change is applicable to all new Pipelines created using variants of MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (except Heroku PostgreSQL), and SQLServer.

      SEE MORE drop-down

  • Improved Visibility and Accessibility for Data Spike Alerts

    • Provided the Data Spike Alerts icon in the Pipeline Overview page to help users easily access the Data Spike Alerts setup.

      Data Spike Disabled

    • Included a label for Data Spike Alert in the Actions menu in the Pipeline Summary bar to indicate whether it is currently enabled or disabled.

      Data Spike disabled More icon

      Read Data Spike Alerts.

Fixes and Improvements

User Experience

  • Improved Historical Data Ingestion for Salesforce

    • Improved historical data ingestion to handle large amounts of data with the same timestamp. Hevo now uses the unique Salesforce record ID in combination with the timestamp value of the update, instead of only the timestamp value to uniquely identify each record for ingestion.
  • Removed Update Query Mode Option for SaaS Sources

    • Fixed a bug where the Update Query Mode option was visible on the Pipeline Overview page for SaaS Source Pipelines, even though query modes are not available for them. This change is applicable to all new and existing Pipelines.

Documentation Updates

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Account Management

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