Data Spike Alerts

Data Spike Alerts, if enabled alerts you on the Hevo UI, email, and Slack if the data loaded to the Destination exceeds your defined daily threshold. Hevo allows you to set the threshold at any time after creating your Pipeline. You can view the number of Events ingested and loaded for the past 7 days, 14 days, and 1 Month and set the threshold accordingly. While setting this threshold, you can also select the option to pause your Pipeline if the daily ingested and loaded Events exceeds your defined threshold. Refer to section, Setting the Daily Events Limit and Alert.

Note: The option of pausing the Pipeline after exceeding the threshold is not available for log-based Pipelines. This is done because pausing the Pipelines may cause the logs to expire, which might lead to loss of data.

Setting the Daily Events Limit and Alert

The daily Events limit is the threshold for the number of Events that your Pipelines can ingest and load in one day. As soon as this limit is exceeded, Hevo sends you alerts and pauses your Pipeline (if enabled). We recommend that you set this limit 7 days after creating your Pipeline.

Perform the following steps to set the daily Events limit and alert:

  1. Navigate to the detailed view of the Pipeline for which you want to set the limit.

  2. Click the More ( More icon ) icon in the Summary Bar of the Pipeline.

    Summary Bar

  3. Click Data Spike Alert.

    Spike Alert

  4. In the Daily Spike Alert pop-up window that appears, do the following:

    1. Enable the Enable data spike alerts option.

      Enable Alerts

    2. In the Daily Events Limit field, specify the limit that you want to set. From the drop-down, you can also select the units in which you want to set the limit. For example, 20 Events, 20 Thousand Events, or 20 Million Events.

      Set Limit

    3. (Optional) Select Pause the Pipeline if the defined daily limit is exceeded check box.

      Note: This option is not available for log-based Pipelines as the logs may expire if the Pipeline is paused.

    4. Click SET ALERT.

Hevo sends you an alert if the Events ingested and loaded exceed the defined limit. You can also choose to customize these alerts according to your requirements.

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