Upcoming Features
We are evolving and updating the Hevo app with new and enhanced functionalities to better address the business needs and experience of our customers. Here is the list of features that we are working on currently and hope to make available soon!
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A common Source and Destination Sync Schedule In Progress
Introducing a common Sync Schedule instead of different ingestion and load frequencies for a Pipeline. Users can migrate their existing Pipelines to use the Sync Schedule, post which, each data replication job, or Pipeline run, will be triggered as per its configured sync schedule.
This feature is expected to bring consistency in terms of observable end-to-end data replication, on account of this being single schedule-driven instead of multiple schedules which can result in latency and data mismatches.
Audit Tables for Transparent and Observable ELT In Progress
Introducing Hevo Audit Tables to allow users to track Event consumption and failures at an object, Pipeline and account level. The audit table will also contain meta information like the start and end times of each batch of objects, segregated by the data processing stage - Ingestion or Load. Users will be able to track the Time to Completion of each stage at an object level and be able to view the complete history of job statuses for compliance, billing optimization, and monitoring.
Support for JSON Data Type in BigQuery Destinations In Progress
Coming soon, support for JSON columns in BigQuery Destinations. With this feature, you can map JSON fields of the Source data as JSON columns in the Destination tables. This change lets you fetch values from your JSON columns using Google SQL queries.
Removing Support for Calendar Events in HubSpot (BREAKING CHANGE) Released
Effective August 31, 2023, HubSpot will stop supporting the Calendar Events object. As a result, Hevo will stop replicating data for the same.
Salesforce Bulk API V2 as a Source Released
Integrating soon, Salesforce Bulk API V2 as a Source. The Bulk API 2.0. provides higher batch limits and parallel processing. This will enable Hevo to replicate large amounts of data from your Salesforce account in lesser time as compared to the Bulk API.
Last updated on Mar 04, 2022

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