Upcoming Features
We are evolving and updating the Hevo app with new and enhanced functionalities to better address the business needs and experience of our customers. Here is the list of features that we are working on currently and hope to make available soon!
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Salesloft as a Source Released
Integrating soon, Salesloft, a cloud-based sales engagement platform designed to help sales professionals and teams streamline their sales processes and improve their customer interactions. It provides a suite of tools to manage and automate key sales tasks, such as lead generation, prospecting, outreach, and communication.
Role-based Access Control In Progress
Introducing role-based access that will allow team owners to control their team members' access to different entities and the tasks they can perform in them. The feature would offer roles such as Administrator, Collaborator, and Observer, to help team owners delegate responsibilities and assign permissions to specific users. The permissions may be entity-based, for example, for Pipelines, Destinations, or Models, or account-based, for example, relating to billing or team setup.
Once the feature is released, all new teams would have RBAC enabled, with the user who created the team being assigned a Team Administrator role by default.
Support for dbt Models In Progress
dbt allows users to transform the data in their Destination by simply writing SELECT statements. The dbt functionality handles turning these SELECT statements into tables and views, empowering users to perform deeper data analysis. Hevo will host dbt Core, the open-source CLI variant from dbt, to allow our customers to use the same repository that they are using currently, and run it on Hevo without any changes required. They can also leverage Hevo's Workflows to connect dbt with Pipelines and data load.
To start with, dbt will be supported for the following Destinations -
- Google BigQuery
- Snowflake
- Amazon Redshift
- PostgreSQL
- Databricks

With dbt Core, users will be able to -
- Run their existing dbt projects on Hevo
- View logs of Model executions
- Version control their Models
- Trigger their dbt Models once data is loaded into a particular Destination table
Braze as a Source In Queue
Bringing soon, an integration with Braze, a multi-channel customer engagement and marketing platform that enables brands and businesses to customize and automate messages to their users and incentivize customers with rewards. Braze is powered by flexible APIs and helps businesses personalize the overall user experience and deliver higher conversion and retention rates.
Amazon Ads as a Source In Progress
Bringing yet another Marketing integration with Amazon Ads! You can use Amazon Ads to reach customers while they shop across the entire Amazon marketplace. Amazon Ads works similar to the pay-per-click ads on Google, where a seller pays for the ad (only) when a shopper clicks on it.
Iterable as a Source In Queue
Offering soon, an integration with Iterable as a Source for creating Pipelines. Iterable is a marketing automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you create individualized experiences and interactions for your customers and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across different marketing channels. With Iterable, you can create, measure, and thereby, optimize an interaction across the entire customer journey.
Last updated on Mar 04, 2022

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