Hevo Role Permissions

Last updated on Sep 02, 2022

The permissions in NetSuite define the data and tasks you have access to. Each permission has different access levels such as VIEW, EDIT, and FULL. Permissions are associated with roles, and roles are assigned to users, who can be employees, vendors, partners, or customers.

Permissions are divided into five categories: Transactions, Reports, Lists, Setup, and Custom Records, based on the type of records they provide access to. For example, the permissions under the Lists category provides access to various lists, such as Employees, which contains the information of all the employees.

You need to provide the required permissions to the role that you created for Hevo in NetSuite, to ingest your data.

Refer to the tables below for the list of permissions along with the access levels that you need to grant to the Hevo role:

Some permissions might not be visible to you, depending on the products that are enabled in your NetSuite account.

Note: Hevo currently does not support permissions for the Custom Records type.


Permissions Access Level
Audit Trail VIEW
Bill Purchase Orders VIEW
Bills VIEW
Cash Sale VIEW
Cash Sale Refund VIEW
Credit Card VIEW
Credit Memo VIEW
Customer Deposit VIEW
Customer Payment VIEW
Deposit Application VIEW
Find Transaction VIEW
Fullfil Orders VIEW
Invoice VIEW
Invoice Sales Orders VIEW
Item Fulfillment VIEW
Item Receipt VIEW
Journal Approval VIEW
Purchase Order VIEW
Sales Order VIEW
Sales Order Approval VIEW
Set Up Budgets VIEW
Vendor Bill Approval VIEW
Vendor Prepayment VIEW
Vendor Prepayment Application VIEW
Vendor Prepayment Approval FULL


Permissions Access Level
Account Detail VIEW
Accounts Payable VIEW
Accounts Receivable VIEW
Inventory VIEW
Sales Order Reports VIEW
SuiteAnalytics Workbook EDIT

Lists Permissions

Objects Access Level
Accounts VIEW
Accounts Payable Register VIEW
Bank Account Registers VIEW
Calendar VIEW
Contact Roles VIEW
Contacts VIEW
Currency VIEW
Custom Record Entries VIEW
Customer Profile VIEW
Customers VIEW
Departments VIEW
Documents and Files VIEW
Employee Record VIEW
Employees VIEW
Expense Categories VIEW
Items VIEW
Locations VIEW
Notes Tab VIEW
Payment Methods VIEW
Perform Search VIEW
Projects VIEW
Promotion VIEW
Tasks VIEW
Tax Records VIEW
Track Messages VIEW
Units VIEW
Vendors VIEW

Setup Permissions

Permissions Access Level
Access Token Management Full
Accounting Lists View
CRM Lists View
Custom Body Fields View
Custom Fields View
Custom Lists View
Custom Record Types View
Customer Status Full
Delete Event Full
Deleted Records View
Log in using Access Tokens Full
Manage Accounting Periods View
REST Web Services Full
SOAP Web Services Full
User Access Tokens Full

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