Azure Synapse Analytics

Last updated on Nov 02, 2023

Azure Synapse is a cloud-based analytics service that combines the technologies required for data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics. Users can query and perform analytics on data using resources organized in both serverless and dedicated SQL pools.

Hevo integrates with dedicated SQL pools, which are SQL data warehouses in Azure Synapse Analytics. You must provision the dedicated SQL pool from within a Synapse workspace. A Synapse workspace helps to securely collaborate between your Azure resources, which are logically grouped together in a container called resource group.

If you are new to Azure Synapse Analytics and need assistance with setting up an instance, refer to these sections:

The following image illustrates the key steps that you need to complete to configure Azure Synapse Analytics as a Destination in Hevo:

Azure Synapse Analytics Destination Setup Overview

Handling Source Data with Different Data Types

Hevo automatically modifies the data type of an Azure Synapse Analytics Destination table column to accommodate Source data with a different data type. Read Handling Different Data Types in Source Data.

Note: Your Hevo release version is mentioned at the bottom of the Navigation Bar.

Handling JSON Fields

Read Parsing Nested JSON Fields in Events to know how Hevo parses the JSON data and makes it available at the Destination. JSON data ingested from the Source is either collapsed into JSON strings or passed as-is to the Destination. Read JSON Functions (Transact-SQL) for information on querying and extracting data from your Azure Synapse Analytics Destination tables using JSON functions.

Destination Considerations

  • In Azure Synapse Analytics, tables in dedicated SQL pools are created with clustered columnstore index by default, as this reduces data storage costs and improves query performance. However, any variable-length column in these tables cannot contain more than 8000 bytes of data. As a result, any Events containing data that exceeds this size limit are sidelined by Hevo. You can use Transformations to reduce the data size of these Events and replay them.


  • Hevo does not support data replication to serverless SQL pools in Azure Synapse Analytics.

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