Connecting Through SSH

Hevo can connect to your database via an SSH tunnel. To enable a connection through SSH, follow these steps:

Note: You need to whitelist the IP addresses for your respective region on the SSH server. Read Selecting your Hevo Region.

Select SSH Option

While configuring the Source connection, select the Connect through SSH check box.

Provide SSH Server Details

Provide the following information about your SSH Server:

  • SSH IP - The IP address or DNS of the SSH server.

  • SSH Port - The port of the SSH server as seen from the public internet (default is 22).

  • SSH User - The username on the SSH server (e.g. hevo).

Add Hevo Public Keys to Authorized_Keys

You need to add Hevo’s public keys on your SSH Server to the file .ssh/authorized_keys to enable Hevo to authenticate via public keys.

Following are the steps required for this:

  1. Copy the public keys from the Source configuration screen.

  2. Create the .ssh directory in your home directory if it does not exist and give it the read, write and execute permissions.

    #Creates the .ssh directory:
    mkdir ~/.ssh
    #Set permissions:
    chmod 700 ~/.ssh
  3. Create the authorized_keys file if it does not exist and give it the read, write permissions.

    #Move to the .ssh directory:
    cd ~/.ssh
    #Create the authorized_keys file:
    touch authorized_keys
    #Set permissions:
    chmod 600 authorized_keys
  4. Using your favorite text editor, add or append Hevo’s public key to the authorized_keys file.
    Alternatively, you can use the following command for the same:

    echo '<public_key>' >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


      echo 'ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDyfYljMfLMVD3erbKdslUDzbEUpcxAJgH33HWPtLgVjNAEMeMb2mJe4Zt72gDZnDmO/tMxbPfjIqnR7n2Jkc4XsoS3StvwEeGQ3AuwbWo1NQaDg8P8fHOOgY6z0VglYEZHDIhnZyA/UDLWEUAmQeuZm0tgBZtj/tm+qzdftX6cKzgFNSnimTivBXVmNdHKz+42Wpc/2XRRo6DqHgWnhKR47qcsVfasLd1RdqaJ3Sn4sDDC17KQ/3AMrvF47J0RIwVue/KHdfVi0HmI2Yv4goENokSrVuus7uUPI4bT8pvfb11ugVOGXS61IPyOZYaUQW5dfb00itm9tMBUFdD/nJNL' >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Hevo will be able to connect to your database through SSH after these steps.

Last updated on 27 Jun 2022

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