Last updated on May 30, 2023
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Hevo integrates with a variety of databases, applications, and webhooks to help you replicate data from these to a Destination system of your choice.

For users on paid plans, Hevo offers unlimited Free and Paid Sources for creating Pipelines. Users on the Free plan have unlimited use of the Free Sources. Further, you can create unlimited Pipelines with the same Source. Read Pricing Plans for more information.

The default, minimum, maximum, and custom Pipeline frequencies vary depending on the Source. Read the Data Replication section for the Source to know the ingestion frequencies that it supports.

For RDBMS Sources, such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, Hevo offers you a variety of ways for fetching the data, such as reading from database logs, ingesting from the database table, or fetching data based on custom SQL queries. Read Ingestion Modes for more information.

For SaaS Sources, Hevo uses the Source API to fetch your data from your Source. As a result, Hevo must adhere to the rate limits imposed by the Source.

The articles in this section describe the configuration settings for integrating different Source types with Hevo for creating your Pipeline.

If you do not have the requisite permissions to configure the Source, you can seek help from your other team members by sharing the setup guide with them via email. Read Side-by-Side (SBS) Setup Guide for more information.

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