Some Objects in my Stripe Pipeline failed with the following reason, API token seems to be missing following scopes, scope_names. What should I do?

Last updated on Nov 02, 2022

You may get this error if you are using the Stripe restricted API key, and that key is missing the required permissions on some objects you are trying to ingest. This can be resolved in two ways:

  • Create a new API key with the required permissions in Stripe, and reconfigure the Source by providing the new API key.

  • Grant the required permissions in your existing Stripe API key, and restart the failed object(s) in Hevo. To do so:

    1. Edit the permissions in Stripe:

      1. Log in to the Developer Dashboard.

      2. Disable the Viewing test data option if it is enabled, to view live data.

      3. In the API keys page, under the Restricted keys section, click the More icon corresponding to the API key for which you want to edit the permissions, and then click Edit key.

        Edit API key Stripe

      4. Under the PERMISSIONS column, select the Read permission corresponding to the following resource types:

        1. All core resources

        2. All Billing resources

        3. All Checkout resources

        4. All Orders resources

        5. All Connect resources

        6. All Issuing resources

        7. All webhook resources

        8. All Reporting resources

      5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Apply changes.

        Apply changes Stripe

    2. Restart the failed object(s) in Hevo:

      1. Go to the Hevo Pipeline where you received the failure.

      2. Click the More ( More icon ) icon corresponding to the object(s) that failed, and then click Restart Object.

        Stripe Source Pipeline

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