SQL Server

Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

SQL Server is Microsoft’s offering of a relational database management system which is used by 98 of the Fortune 100 companies. Hevo supports replicating data from SQL Servers either hosted on-premises or hosted in the Azure cloud. The supported versions include SQL Server 2008 and later.

Hevo supports the following variations of SQL Server as a Source:

Click each variant above to know the prerequisites and pre-configuration setups specific to it. Once you complete the setup, follow the steps mentioned below to configure it as a Source in your Hevo Pipeline and start ingesting data.

Select the Source Type

To select SQL Server as the Source:

  1. Click PIPELINES in the Navigation Bar.

  2. Click + CREATE in the Pipelines List View.

  3. In the Select Source Type page, select the SQL Server variant.

Specify SQL Server Connection Settings

In the Configure your Source page specify the connection settings for your SQL Server variant.

Refer to the documentation for each SQL Server variant for steps to do this.

If you have not selected the Table ingestion mode, skip Step 3, and proceed to configuring the data ingestion and setting up the Destination.

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