Amazon RDS SQL Server

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) allows you to deploy, and scale multiple editions of MS SQL Server in minutes with cost-efficient and resizable compute capacity.

You can ingest data from your Amazon RDS SQL Server using Hevo Pipelines and replicate it to a Destination of your choice.


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Apr-21-2022 1.86 Updated section, Specify Amazon RDS SQL Server Connection Settings.
Feb-07-2022 1.81 Updated section, Whitelist Hevo’s IP Address to remove details about Outbound rules as they are not required.
Jan-03-2022 1.79 Updated the description of the Include New Tables in the Pipeline advance setting in the Specify Amazon RDS SQL Server Connection Settings section.
Sep-08-2021 NA Updated the second list item under Prerequisites and corrected the numbering of sections.
Jul-26-2021 1.68 Added a note for the SQL Server Host field.
Jul-12-2021 NA Added section, Specify Amazon RDS SQL Server Connection Settings.
Mar-09-2021 1.58 Replaced references to Logical Replication with Change Tracking as Change Tracking is a distinct Ingestion mode for SQL Server Source types.
Feb-22-2021 1.57 Added section Create a User and Grant Privileges.
Last updated on 10 Nov 2022

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