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Starting Release 2.17, Hevo has stopped supporting Firebolt as a Destination type. As a result, you will not be able to configure new Firebolt Destinations. Any existing Pipelines will continue to be supported. You can also create new Pipelines with your existing Firebolt Destination.

A Destination is any database or data warehouse to which you want to replicate your data. You can configure multiple Pipelines with the same Destination. You can also replicate data from multiple Sources into the same Destination. The data is loaded from all the Pipelines as per the replication schedule you configure for the Destination.

Note: You can use both Hevo UI and API to create Destinations.

You can view the current status of Events being loaded to a Destination by using:

  • The Load Status page in the Pipelines Detailed View: This page displays the number of Events being loaded to the Destination by the specific Pipeline.

  • Destination Overview page in the Destinations Detailed View: This page displays the status of Events being loaded to the Destination from all Pipelines using that Destination.

Note: Ensure that your Destination is configured correctly. If you try to replicate your data in an inactive or deleted database or data warehouse, the data replication fails.

Once your data is loaded to the Destination, you can use Models to transform the data and present it in a format according to your business requirements. Read SQL Models and Working with SQL Models for more information on transforming your Destination data.

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