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MySQL is an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) used by small and large businesses. It is one of the most popular databases in the world used for storing, organizing, and retrieving data. MySQL has customizable software, is reliable and secure, and works well with a variety of data sets.

Hevo can load data from any of your Pipelines into a MySQL database. You can set up the MySQL Destination on the fly, as part of the Pipeline creation process, or independently from the Navigation bar. The ingested data is first staged in Hevo’s S3 bucket before it is batched and loaded to the MySQL Destination.

We do not recommend using MySQL as a Destination for building your production Pipelines. It can perform poorly even for low volumes of data. If you run into performance issues, these may be unresolvable, and you will have to migrate to a different Destination. Read Limitations of using MySQL as a Destination.

Destination Considerations

  • You must disable any foreign keys defined in the target tables. These keys do not allow data to be loaded until the reference table has a corresponding key defined.

  • You can replicate data for only 4090 columns in a given MySQL table. Read Limits on the Number of Columns.

Revision History

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Apr-25-2023 2.12 Updated section, Configure MySQL Connection Settings to add information that you must specify all fields to create a Pipeline.
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Sep-07-2022 NA Added the following sections:
- Prerequisites,
- Whitelist Hevo’s IP Addresses,
- Grant Permissions to the Database User.
- Updated the Configure MySQL Connection Settings to add a link to the Connecting to a Local Database page.
- Deleted the Connect to a Local Database section.
Feb-21-2022 1.82 Updated section, Configure MySQL Connection Settings to provide support for SSL in MySQL as a Destination.
Jul-26-2021 1.68 Added section, Connect to a Local Database.
Jul-12-2021 NA Updated the section, Destination Considerations.

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