Subscribing to a Private Offer

Last updated on Jul 12, 2024
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To create a plan with custom terms, pricing, and payment schedule based on your anticipated Events usage, also referred to as a private offer, do the following:

  1. Contact Hevo Support and provide details of your requirements.

  2. Provide your AWS Account ID, where the subscription offer can be shared, to the Hevo Support team. Hevo creates a customized offer for you and shares it for your preview and approval.
    To find your account ID, click the dropdown icon next to your name.

    account ID

  3. On the Manage Subscriptions page, click Private Offers.

    private offer nav

  4. In the Available offers tab, select the offer and click View offer.

    iPrivate offer view

    You can request any revisions needed to the offer by contacting Hevo Support. A fresh offer is created with the changed terms. At any time, only the latest version of the offer is displayed in your private offers list.

  5. Select the dimension listed in the offer and click Create Contract to confirm acceptance of the offer.

  6. Click Set up your account to log in to or configure your account in Hevo.

  7. If you are new to Hevo, sign up for a Hevo account. If you are an existing Hevo customer, log in to your Hevo account.

  8. In the Subscribe using AWS Marketplace popup dialog, click SUBSCRIBE. This links your Hevo account to AWS. Billing is now managed by AWS and the Hevo billing pages are accordingly modified.

    Link existing account

    If you are trying to set up your account again, Hevo alerts you that your account is already created. Click Resend Verification Link, and then, click on the VERIFY EMAIL link received on your registered email ID to confirm your identity.

    Hevo account already exists

    Note: In case of a sign-up failure, these details may be lost. In such cases, you can return to the AWS portal and sign up again.

  9. Optionally, view one of the Billing pages in the Hevo app to confirm that your billing and related details are managed by AWS.

    Billing details managed by AWS

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