Creating your Account

Creating an account in Hevo is easy. You begin by providing your user details, and during the quick sign-up process, you can select one or more Sources where your data resides and the Destinations where you want to replicate the data using the Pipeline.

To create your account:

  1. Go to the Hevo website.

  2. Enter your information such as your first and last name, work email address, and password. Alternatively, your can sign up using your Google account.

    Create your account

  3. Click SIGNUP.

  4. In the Set-up Profile page, enter your organization name, designation, phone number, and region.

    Set up profile

  5. Click NEXT.

  6. Select the Sources you want to use to create Pipelines, and click CONTINUE.

    Select your Sources

  7. Select one or more Destinations where you want to load the data, and click CONTINUE. If you do not have a Destination, you can opt for a Hevo Managed BigQuery Warehouse.

  8. Click Start Using Hevo.

  9. Log in to the account you just created and start creating Pipelines. Read Creating your First Pipeline to understand the standard steps for creating Pipelines with SaaS and database Sources.

Next Steps

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