Creating your Account

Hevo makes it easy to create an account. During the quick sign-up process, you can select one or more Sources where your data resides and Destinations where the data will be replicated using the Pipeline. The domain name of your organization can be used to create up to five workspaces in Hevo. Alternatively, you can choose to join one of the existing workspaces from your organization while creating an account in Hevo.

To create your account:

  1. Go to the Hevo website.

  2. In the Create your Account page, specify your Full Name, Work Email, Password, and click CONTINUE. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google account by clicking SIGNUP WITH GOOGLE FOR WORK.

    Create your account

    Note: Hevo does not accept any personal email address. You must specify your business email. For example,

  3. In the Set-up Profile page, specify the following:

    Set up profile

    • Employee Range: The number of employees in your company.

    • Role: Your role in the company.

    • Phone Number: Your personal phone number.

    • Data Pipeline Region: The region in which you want to store your account data.

  4. Click NEXT.

  5. Select the Sources you want to use to create Pipelines, and click CONTINUE.

    Select your Sources

  6. Select one or more Destinations where you want to load the data, and click CONTINUE. If you do not have a database or data warehouse that can be used as a Destination, you can opt for a Hevo Managed BigQuery Warehouse.

    Select Destinations

  7. Click the link sent to your registered email address to verify your account.

  8. Perform the following steps to either join an existing workspace or create a new workspace in Hevo:

    • For joining an existing workspace: You can choose to join a workspace from your organization using the list of workspaces that Hevo displays. To do so:

      1. Click REQUEST ACCESS corresponding to the workspace you want to join.

        Request Access

        An email is sent to the workspace owner, requesting for access.

        Access request sent

        Note: If you do not want to proceed with your access request, click REVOKE REQUEST.

        Hevo sends you an email as soon as an action is taken by the workspace owner on your request. You can start using Hevo once your request is approved. Else, you can re-request access. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new workspace if five workspaces have not already been created from your organization.

    • For creating a new workspace: You can choose to create a workspace in Hevo for your organization, if five workspaces have not been created already. To do so:

      1. Click + CREATE WORKSPACE.

        Create Workspace

      2. In the screen that appears, click START USING HEVO.

        Start using Hevo

        Note: Each workspace created in Hevo has to set up its pricing plans, billing, and payment details separately. Also, billing is done separately for each workspace. Read Setting up Pricing Plans, Billing, and Payments for steps to set up these details for your workspace.

  9. Log in to the account you just created and start creating Pipelines. Read Creating your First Pipeline for steps to create Pipelines with SaaS and database Sources.

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