Last updated on May 06, 2024

Effective June 30, 2024, this version of the Klaviyo Source will be sunset and replaced with an upgraded version, Klaviyo v2 (currently in Early Access). After the sunset, you will not be able to create new Pipelines using this Source, and your existing Pipelines will be paused. You need to create new Pipelines using Klaviyo v2 to ensure a smooth transition. Please contact your Hevo account executive or the Support team to enable Klaviyo v2 for your team.

Klaviyo is an e-mail marketing platform with email and SMS marketing automation.

You can replicate data from your Klaviyo account to the Destination database or data warehouse using Hevo Pipelines.

Source Considerations

  • The Change Position option is possible only for the Event object. You can modify the date/time to a past value to re-load data since then.


  • None.

Revision History

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Date Release Description of Change
Mar-05-2024 2.21 Updated the ingestion frequency table in the Data Replication section.
Feb-20-2023 NA Updated section, Configuring Klaviyo as a Source to update the information about historical sync duration.
Sep-21-2022 NA Updated the screenshots in the page to reflect the latest Klaviyo logo.
Sep-07-2022 1.97 Updated section, Data Replication to add information about incremental data support for Campaign Recipient object.
Aug-24-2022 NA Updated sections, Data Replication and Data Model to reorganize content for better understanding and coherence.
Apr-18-2022 NA Updated the historical data point in the Data Replication section to correctly reflect how historical data is ingested for every object.
Oct-25-2021 NA Added the Pipeline frequency information in the Data Replication section.
Jul-26-2021 NA Added a note in the Overview section about Hevo providing a fully-managed Google BigQuery Destination for Pipelines created with this Source.

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