Release Version 1.97

Last updated on Apr 23, 2024

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


  • Historical Data Load Progress

    • Enhanced the Historical Load Progress Bar to indicate the estimated time remaining for ingesting historical data for the selected objects. The progress bar displays the progress percentage, time remaining for historical data ingestion completion, the status of objects being ingested, and the last updated time of objects.

      Pipeline Progress

      Read Viewing Pipeline Progress.

  • Improved Workflows

    • Enhanced Workflows to help you leverage the power of data for deeper analytics more easily! Now, you can:

      • Add Activations to a Workflow.

      • Combine Models and Activations, in any order, to a Workflow.

      • Define conditions around data loading and failure handling within the Workflow.

      In the earlier version of Workflows, the output of one or more Models became the input to another Model, without any condition being defined on the data:

      Old Workflows UI

      The following image illustrates the capabilities of the new Workflows UI, as stated above:

      New Workflows UI

      Read Workflows.


  • Configurable Historical Sync Duration in Mixpanel

  • Dixa as a Source

    • Provided integration with Dixa as a Source for creating Pipelines.

      Dixa as a Source

      Read Dixa.

  • Quicker Access to Data for Klaviyo

    • Separated the historical and incremental ingestion tasks for the Events object in Klaviyo. This allows both the tasks to run simultaneously. As a result, you get to access your data more quickly. This feature affects only new Pipelines.
  • Support for Incremental Data Ingestion for Campaign Recipient object in Klaviyo

    • Added support for Incremental data ingestion for the Campaign Recipient object. This change applies to all Pipelines created after Release 1.97.

      Read Data Replication.

User Experience

  • Easier Data Selection in Amazon S3

    • Provided a UI-based option for selecting the folders from which data is to be ingested. Now, you do not need to manually provide a prefix path of the data directory.

      Amazon S3

      Read Configuring Amazon S3 as a Source.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Faster Data Ingestion from a Google BigQuery Source

    • Enhanced the integration to optimize the speed and efficiency of replicating data from partitioned tables in your dataset. Hevo first ingests data from the partitioned tables based on the latest partition or offset, exports it to the GCS bucket specified at the time of creating the Pipeline, and then loads the data to the Destination tables. This sequence of operations reduces the time taken to ingest data, the latency, as well as the costs incurred in scanning data from the tables, processing it, and storing it as opposed to the previous strategy where the entire table is scanned to find the difference between the new and existing data.

      This feature is available for Pipelines created after Release 1.96.

      GCS Bucket in BigQuery Source

      Read Data Replication and Data Replication Strategy.


  • Failed Destination for Inactive Databases or Data Warehouses

    • Fixed the issue where Destinations appeared as Active on the UI even when an invalid database or data warehouse existed. An error message describing the reason behind the failure is displayed now.

      Read Destinations.


  • Support for Additional Objects in Mailchimp

    • Enhanced the integration to add support for Tags and Member Tags objects.

      Read Data Model.

User Experience

  • Troubleshooting and FAQ Content Relocation

    • Moved the Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ content to the respective connector or product area in the Documentation website for easier reference.

Documentation Updates

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