Is it possible to use a Bearer Authorization Token for the REST API Source?

Yes, you can use a bearer token for authorization instead of Basic Auth or OAuth 2.0 while configuring your REST API Source.

To authorize Hevo’s connection to your REST API endpoints using a bearer token:

  1. In the Configure your REST API Source page, navigate to the Headers tab in the Set-Up Source section.

    Headers Tab

  2. Add the following headers as key-value pairs:

    Key Value
    Authorization Bearer <your token>
    User-Agent <your agent name>

    For example, Hevo REST API.

    Note: Replace the placeholder values with your own.

    Bearer Token Authorization

    These two key-value pairs are mandatory and must be provided for Hevo to successfully connect to your REST API Source.

Why does my REST API token keep changing?

Hevo connects to certain integrations using API endpoints, and these integrations authorize Hevo via OAuth. On authorization, Hevo receives an access token that enables it to send API requests to the integration. This access token has limited validity, and once that expires, the API requests start to fail. To prevent this from happening, the access token must be refreshed. To enable this, the OAuth server sends a refresh token with the initial access token. Using this refresh token, Hevo posts a request to the API token endpoint to obtain a fresh access token. Each time this cycle repeats, it leads to a changed API token.

Read How Hevo Authenticates Using OAuth to know about Hevo’s central authorization service.

Does Hevo’s REST API connector support API chaining?

Hevo’s REST API connector does not support the API chaining technique, in which multiple API calls are made to achieve certain functionality, and data from the response of the previous API call feeds the subsequent API call, and so on.

For example, with Hevo’s REST API connector, you will not be able to use the bearer token generated by the POST method in the first API call to authenticate the GET method in the next API call.

What is the maximum payload size returned by a REST API with no pagination?

Hevo imposes no limit on the payload size sent or received by a REST API Source configured with no pagination. However, there may be restrictions imposed by the APIs, the HTTP clients, or the web servers hosting the API endpoints.


  • A web server such as Apache allows a payload size of 2 GB.

  • Google’s Photo APIs allow photos with a maximum file size of 200 MB.

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