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Last updated on Dec 06, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023, Google Analytics (GA) will stop processing data. As a result, your GA Pipelines will not replicate data. To avoid any data loss, we recommend that you create a Pipeline with Google Analytics 4 as the Source.

Hevo replicates data from your Google Analytics account to your data warehouse using Google’s Reporting API. We recommend that you go through the Google Analytics Query Explorer before creating a Pipeline to ensure you configure it the way you require. Read Core Reporting API - Common Queries to know more about the common queries associated with Google’s Reporting API.

For all Pipelines created after Release 2.01, Hevo allows you to ingest a combination of prebuilt and custom reports during and post-Pipeline creation, according to your requirements. Refer to section, Configuring Google Analytics as a Source to know how you can ingest these reports.

Source Considerations

  • Hevo is subject to the limits and quotas set on the Core Reporting API. Therefore, ingestion may be deferred due to these limits.

  • You can only select the dimensions that are compatible with the metric you select. Incompatible metrics are greyed out based on the selected dimensions.

  • Even for compatible metric/dimension combinations, an error may be displayed stating that the selected metrics and dimensions cannot be queried together, or that the selected metrics/dimensions are restricted. If the metric/dimension set belongs to Google Adwords, Google Analytics 360, or Google Adsense, this may be due to lack of permissions on the selected view.

    For information on valid metric/dimension combinations, refer to Dimensions and Metrics Explorer.

    For information on different types of errors, refer to Google Analytics Core Reporting API Changelog.

Revision History

Refer to the following table for the list of key updates made to this page:

Date Release Description of Change
Nov-08-2022 2.01 Updated the page to mention about adding multiple reports while creating a Pipeline.
Oct-25-2022 2.00 Added the section, Adding Users to your Google Analytics Account with steps to provide access to the Google Ads account.
Jul-12-2022 1.92 - Added sections, Prebuilt Reports and Custom Reports.
- Updated section, Configuring Google Analytics as a Source.
Mar-07-2022 1.83 Updated sections, Configuring Google Analytics as a Source and Schema Mapping Considerations to add support for Segments.
Jan-03-2022 1.79 Added information about reverse historical load in the Data Replication section.
Oct-25-2021 NA Added the Pipeline frequency information in the Data Replication section.
Mar-09-2021 1.58 Added section Schema Mapping Considerations.

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