Google Analytics

Hevo can replicate your Google Analytics’ data to your data warehouse using Google’s Reporting API. We would recommend you to go through the Google Analytics Query Explorer before creating the pipeline to ensure you configure it the way you require. You can also refer to the Common Queries section to find the solution for you basic queries.

Note: We’re subject to limits and quotas on Core Reporting API so we may be deferring the polling jobs due to these limits.

Access to your Google Analytics account to Hevo

Hevo will need permission to view your reports and other reporting entity details. You can read more about these permissions here.

Connection Settings

You need to configure some basic details like:

  • Source Name: A unique name for your Google Analytics Source.

  • Account Name: All the Analytics accounts connected to the authorized Google Account would be suggested here, select the appropriate one.

  • Property Name: The property names associated with the account selected above would be suggested, select one according to your need.

  • View Name: All the views associated with above account name and property name would be suggested here. You know what to do. You can refer this to understand the Analytics account structure.

  • Dimensions: Dimensions are attributes of your data. Refer this for more details. Select up to 7 Dimensions you need in your report as Google’s API request can have a total of 7 dimensions only.

  • Metrics: Metrics are the quantitative measurements. Refer this for more details. Select up to 10 Metrics you need in your report as Google’s API request can have a total of 10 metrics.

  • Historical Import Duration(in days): You can choose to import historical data. (if not, it will pull data from the last 90 days).

We have a set of advanced options which lets you limit results to metrics and dimensions with specific characteristics. To know more about this, visit our documentation on Google Analytics Filters.

Last updated on 18 Aug 2020