Mapping Statuses

Last updated on May 30, 2023

Mapping Status in the Schema Mapper page indicates how an incoming Event Type is mapped to a table in your Destination. The following is the list of statuses and their meanings:

  • Auto Mapped: The Event Type is fully mapped to a Destination table using the Auto Mapping feature. Read Auto Mapping Event Types.

  • Mapped: The Event Type is fully mapped to a Destination table manually. All the Events of this type are replicated in your Destination table. This status applies to manual schema mapping.

  • Mapping In-Progress: Whenever a new field gets detected in the Source schema, Hevo replicates the same in the Destination schema. While this is happening, you can see the status as Mapping In-Progress. You may see some Events getting failed due to this. Eventually, those failed Events are re-played by Hevo automatically.

  • Skipped: Skipped Events are not sent to the Destination and are dropped from the Pipeline permanently.

  • Unmapped: The Event Type is not mapped to any Destination table. All the Events of this type are marked as Failed until it is mapped.

Note: When you select multiple Event Types to apply a bulk action, the action is performed on an Event Type based on its mapping status. For example, the UNMAP bulk action is applicable only to manually mapped Event Types and the SKIP bulk action applies only to Event Types currently included in the schema mapping. Read Bulk Actions in Schema Mapper.

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