Mapping Statuses

Mapping Status in the Schema Mapper Screen indicates how an incoming event type is mapped to a table in your destination. Below is the list of Statuses and their meanings

  • Unmapped: The event type is not mapped to any destination table. All the events of this type will be marked as Failed until it is mapped.
  • Mapped: The event type is fully mapped to a destination table. All events of this type will be replicated in your destination table.
  • Skipped: Skipped Events are not sent to the destination and dropped from the pipeline permanently.
  • Mapping In-Progress: Whenever a new field gets detected in the source schema, Hevo will replicate the same in the destination schema as well. When this happens, you can see the status as “Mapping In-Progress”. You may see some events getting failed due to this. But eventually, those failed events will be re-played by Hevo automatically.