Release Version 1.78 (Dec-20-2021)

Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

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In this Release

New and Changed Features


Fixes and Improvements

Account Management

  • Events Quota Calculation with On-Demand Events

    • Enhanced the billing process to include the purchased On-Demand Events and unused Events for calculating the total Events quota and number of Events loaded into the Destination, respectively.

      Read Viewing Current Usage.


  • Support for wal2json Plugin in PostgreSQL Sources

    • Introduced support for the wal2json plugin to improve log-based data replication in PostgreSQL.
  • Handling Merged Objects in HubSpot

    • Enhanced the integration in order to easily identify merged objects and reduce duplicates arising from ingestion of merged objects while loading data to the Destination.

      Read Merged Objects.

  • Incremental Data Replication for the media_comment_insights Object in Instagram Business

    • Changed the data replication for the media_comment_insights object from Full Load to Incremental Load to avoid excessive re-ingestion of Events.

      Read Data Replication.

  • Improved Logical Replication Support in PostgreSQL Sources

    • Improved the code in order to optimize the ingestion speed of Pipelines and allow for faster recovery in case of network timeouts.

User Experience

  • Display of Activation Status

    • Provided an option for users to view the status and progress of each Activation run.

      Read Activation Run Statuses.

  • Search Optimization Across the Hevo Application

    • Optimized the search function to initiate a search only after the entire search string is entered, thereby improving the search performance.

Documentation Updates

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Account Management




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