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Last updated on May 30, 2023

Hevo warns you about approaching your quota limits so that you can adjust your pricing plan to avoid disruption in your Pipelines.

Events Quota Consumption Alerts

Hevo informs you of consuming or exceeding your Events quota through e-mails and alerts in the PLAN DETAILS section in Billing. Quota limit warnings are also displayed as Snack-bar notifications in the Hevo UI, except for the Early Usage warning. Once an alert is displayed, you can click on BUY ON-DEMAND EVENTS to increase your quota.

Refer to the table below for the different alerts generated for Events and what they indicate.

Alert Indicates
Early Usage Your team has reached 70% of your planned usage quota in less than 15 days.
Base Quota Consumed Your team has consumed 100% of the base Events quota.
Base Quota Consumed-Event Sidelining Started Your team has exceeded 100% of the Events quota. The excess Events will be sidelined by the Pipeline and parked in the Replay queue.
You can do one of the following:
- Purchase more On-Demand Events,
- Upgrade your subscription,
- Wait for the next billing period to start, at which time, the Pipelines resume loading the Events using that month’s quota.
On-Demand Events Almost Consumed Your team has consumed the base quota and 90% of the purchased On-Demand Events.
On-Demand Events Consumed-Event Sidelining Started Your team has consumed the entire base quota and the additional purchased On-Demand Events. The excess Events will be sidelined by the Pipeline and parked in the Replay queue.

Sidelined Events are auto-replayed once you upgrade your plan, buy On-Demand Events, or the billing cycle resets.

A sample alert is displayed below.

Sample quota consumption alert

Read Purchasing On-Demand Events to know how you can increase your Events quota if you do not want to upgrade your plan. To upgrade your plan, read Modifying a Pricing Plan.

Note: If you are subscribed to a Business plan, you can write to to adjust your plan.

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