Transformation Blocks and Properties

Last updated on Nov 29, 2022
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Refer to the pages in this section for a description of each Transformation, a sample usage, and any special conditions to keep in mind while configuring the filters and settings.

For each Transformation block, the following table is provided that describes the filters and settings available for it.

Description: Describes what the Transformation can do.
Available Filters: Mentions the diffferent filters you can set. For example, you can specify only Event and Event Field filters for the Drop Fields Transformation, but specify Event, Event Field, and Field filters for Add a Field Transforamtion.
Settings: The settings to be applied during the Transformation. For example, in the case of Rename Fields Transformation, you need to provde the existing and the new field name.
Transformation Considerations: Any considerations or conditions that apply to the use of the Transformation block.

In addition, an example is provided to illustrate a sample usage of the Transformation block.

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