How do I add new Sheets into an existing Pipeline created with Google Sheets as the Source?

Last updated on Nov 03, 2022

You can add new sheets into an existing Pipeline by modifying the Source configuration settings of the Pipeline. To do this, in the Pipeline Detailed View:

  1. Click the Settings icon next to the Source name to edit the Source configuration.

    Edit Source Configuration

  2. Click the Edit icon in the hover window.

  3. In the Configure your Google Sheets Source page, select the check box next to the sheets whose data you want to replicate. By default, all the tabs of a sheet are selected. However, you can click on the Expand icon for a sheet to display the list of tabs it contains and select the ones you need.

  4. Click TEST & CONTINUE.

Add Google Sheets

The newly selected Google sheets are added in the Pipeline Object section and get replicated to the Destination as per the Pipeline schedule.

Note: If the Pipeline uses OAuth for user authorization, then, only the creator of the Pipeline can edit its configurations. Other users must reauthorize the account to make any changes.

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