Split Fields

Last updated on May 30, 2023
Description: Split a field into two or more fields.
Available Filters: Event Filters:
- Event Type
- Event Field

Field Filters:
- Field Name
- Field Value
Settings: Delimiter: The regular expression (regex) used to find the string around which the field must be split.
- To specify a special character as delimiter, escape it using . For example to use $ as a delimiter in Donald$Duck specify \$ as the delimiter.
- Trailing empty strings are discarded. For example, in the case of wonder_women_ with _ as delimiter, the output is "wonder", "women" instead of "wonder", "women",. No comma is added at the end in this case.

Create fields from values: If selected, the returned array of strings after splitting is converted into separate fields in the Event.
Transformation Considerations: None.

Sample Transformation

Scenario: Split the values in the field, name in Events of the ServiceFolder_fullsync Event Type, if the role equals user.


  • Event Type = ServiceFolder_fullsync
  • Event Field = role and Event Field Value = user
  • Fields = All fields with name = name


  • Delimiter = Space

  • Create fields from values = Select this check box to create a field from each new value

Split fields settings

Results: When you test the Transformation, the output is modified as follows based on the Create fields from values setting:

  • If the Create fields from value check box is selected, three separate fields are created:

    Split fields into new fields

  • If the Create fields from value check box is NOT selected, a JSON array with three values is created:

    Split fields

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