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Last updated on Dec 14, 2023
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An Event is any record or row of new or changed data ingested from your Source application or database. The ingestion and replication settings of your Pipeline directly impact the number of Events you consume. From the billing perspective, only the Events that are loaded to the Destination count towards your usage. This count may include:

  • A new row added to the Destination. This may be due to completely new data or data being loaded for the first time by Hevo.

  • A row updated in the Destination.

  • A new row created due to the JSON parsing strategy for the Destination and creation of child Events.

  • New Events created through Transformations applied on ingested Events.

  • Repeats of the same row. This may be when the data is not deduplicated, for example, when you select Append-Only mode for some tables instead of Hevo’s default deduplication strategy, or when the Destination table does not have primary key.

  • Events consumed during the grace period, post exhaustion of your Events quota. Read Pricing Plans.

In terms of the type of data, Hevo loads any existing data in your Source (Historical data) for free. Only the Events generated after the creation of the Pipeline and loaded to the Destination (Incremental data) are billed. Read Types of Data Synchronization.

In case of free trials for unused Sources, the Events loaded post-free trial period count towards your quota consumption.

If you need to replicate Events beyond the default monthly Events quota of your pricing plan, you can review and upgrade your plan or make On Demand purchases. The following diagram illustrates these options.

Managing Events

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