From how far back can the Pipeline ingest data?

Last updated on Jan 19, 2023

Hevo can ingest as far back as the Source allows and based on how the integration is set up in Hevo.

Past data can be of two types:

  • Historical data: This is the data existing in your Source at the time of Pipeline creation. Depending on how the Source is set up, Hevo may ingest the entire data, or ingest it for a fixed duration. For some Sources, you can specify the Historical Sync Duration while creating the Pipeline.

  • Data to be re-ingested: Post-Pipeline creation, if you want to re-ingest the old data for some reason, such as, Events getting lost or the logs getting expired before the Events could be ingested, you can do this using the Change Position option for the required object.

Perform the steps mentioned below to ingest data from a specific date.

  1. In the Pipeline Overview page, click More (More icon) corresponding to the object, and then select Change Position from the drop-down.

    Change Position

  2. In the Change Position window, click the Calendar icon or click inside the Start reading from field to specify the desired date, and then click Update.


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