How is new data from Google Sheets updated in the Destination?

Last updated on May 30, 2023

For any update in the Google Sheets Source, Hevo fetches the entire sheet and loads it to the Destination. This is done because the Google Sheets API does not provide information as to which records got updated or inserted. Therefore, Hevo cannot fetch just the new or changed records. The only available information is the last_modified_at timestamp of the sheet, resulting in a timestamp-based offset applicable at the sheet level. If any changes are detected via this offset, then the entire sheet is ingested again.

Further, as Google Sheets does not have the concept of a primary key, Hevo creates the metadata field, __hevo_id, to use as a primary key for de-duplicating the records in the Destination table.

Read more about the Hevo metadata field __hevo_id.

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