Scheduling an Activation

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The Activation schedule defines the frequency at which the Activation runs to ingests data from your data warehouse and load it to your CRM application. The default frequency is one hour.

To change the Activation schedule:

  1. Click ACTIVATE in the Asset Palette.

  2. Click the desired Activation. This opens the Activation in the Detailed view.

  3. In the Summary Bar, click Change.

    Note: The Change option is visible only if the Activation is not a part of any Workflow, with the Run Outside Workflow option disabled. Else, the Summary Bar shows the Workflow(s) that the Activation is included in. You need to enable the Run Outside Workflow option in all such Workflows if you want to change the Activation schedule independently. Read Creating a Workflow.

    Change Activation schedule

  4. In the CHANGE ACTIVATION SCHEDULE page, select the desired frequency at which the Activation must run.

    Schedule Activation

  5. Click SCHEDULE.

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